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Losing everything is tough, or is it?

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To recover from such a devastating loss can take years… if you ever really do. Some people would be forced to give up on their hopes and dreams because it’s too hard.

So imagine what kind of special person it would take to go from Broke to BMW in only 18 months.

Shar Moore is exactly that kind of person. In fact she is more than that… she’s a unique and dynamic woman too.

Life experience and tragedies helped to transform her into the inspirational woman she is today. When other people were lying down and giving up… Shar’s conviction to her “Y” helped to guide her through the adversity and allow her to see the opportunity.

Shar and her story are as motivational as they are inspirational. She has lived and worked in the Far and Middle East. After her successful travels, Shar now proudly calls Australia home. Her journey leaves a golden trail of success behind her for others to follow.


It Hasn’t Always Been This Way!

After the Brisbane floods, Shar had a tough decision to make. Her popular and once thriving fashion boutique business had closed and she was facing certain bankruptcy.

At that stage, it would have been “easy” to count her losses, declare bankruptcy and walk away. (In fact many local businesses did exactly that.) But something stirred powerfully within her and urged her to push on.

Not quite sure of what to do or how to do it. She trusted her intuition and reworked a new business model. Shar launched a new type of business mastermind group, which ran successfully for 4.5 years in Australia.

So Successful, It Took Her From
Broke To BMW In 18 Months.”

When people know their “Y” they can overcome anything thrown in their way. Trauma, setbacks and even natural disasters cannot diminish the vision of the driven individual.

The way Shar rebuilt her life has been exciting to watch. Instead of waiting for her own life to be sorted out or to be perfect, she set to work to inspire and uplift those around her at the same time.

Her business networking group expanded with Chapters around Australia. Unlike the conventional “business card swapping and endless unproductive coffee catch up” style network groups… YNetwork provided a supportive community of authentic and inspiring entrepreneurs all with the same purpose. So they can all live their “Y” and to help others to live theirs too.

For people who don’t know what their “Y” is, Shar is the perfect person to help them find it.

Her signature “YWeekend” has helped over a hundred people to find, celebrate and live their “Y”. Find out about Shar’s events

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Shar’s Own “Y” And Driving Force Is To Help
8,883 People To Find Theirs.

Project RANi girls photo copyAnother important facet of her enormous “Y” is to empower young girls to positively impact the world with their gifts and leave a lasting legacy.

As part of her legacy, Shar is fundraising for Project RANI, supporting rural indian girls eat clean food, go to school and be taken care of. It
only costs $60 a month to provide basic needs to a young girl.

Shar is passionate to keep these girls off the street and to give them opportunities they wouldn’t normally have. Best of all… they will have a life they truly deserve and a future of their own choosing.

Shar realises how lucky she has been in life (even through the tough times) and this is her way to make a difference in the world.

With such drive and determination… nothing will get in her way and her dream is quickly becoming reality.

A Trusted Multi-International Award Winning Mentor And Life Guide!

So far, Shar has helped thousands of people enjoy their life, shine and reach their highest potential. She has an incredible ability to help people see past the “vehicle” (product or service) of what they are doing and see the bigger picture… their purpose and “Y”. Learn more about mentoring with Shar

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Entertaining, Authentic And Genuinely A Great WomanBabes Supporting Babes

As a speaker, Shar’s inspiring story of triumph over adversity compels and captivates even the hardest audiences. Her professional, yet highly conversational style makes her a pleasure to listen to. Her talks are filled with humorous anecdotes and stories, which connect with the listener at a personal level.

If you get a chance to see her speak… take it. If you want a motivating and inspiring speaker… then look no further than Shar Moore! Learn More about Shar as a speaker


Megan SmithMegan Smith

Member Services & Event Coordinator at Australian Window Association
Thank you very much Shar, for speaking at our Women in Windows Breakfast last Friday. Everyone was raving about you afterwards and loved your speech. You spoke from the heart and clearly touched many of our attendees (including myself!). I had many people say to me afterwards that you were a wonderful speaker and they would have loved to have heard more from you.


All photos of Shar taken by Studio4Photography or Melly S Photography. Video produced by MellyS The Storyteller.