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Launching Nationally on Monday 3rd July 2017, Your quarterly magazine, filled with business inspiration. A must read for anyone searching for more in life.

Finally, a magazine that tackles the heart of business, celebrating the female entrepreneur with true-life, inspirational lessons from real business owners. Y they did it. How they did it. What they learned – and how our readers can use these real-life failure and success stories to build their own business and discover their personal Y.

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The YAcademy is a showcase of incredible trainers from around the world. Through one doorway, you will soon be able to access workshops, training, videos and much much more, all by the click of one button. Launching soon.


Elysian Experience Final-Logo copy

Events for sophisticated women on the East Coast of Australia. Content-rich, Pitch-free. Learn more now…  find an experience near you.

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Y WeekendYWeekend

Coming back soon…

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