Purpose Finder

The 3 Core Principles to Finding Your Life’s True Purpose…
And Living a Life of Passion, Happiness & Excitement.

Shar Moore
Trusted Multi-International Award Winning Mentor And Life Guide


We’re not just born for the sake of being born.

We aren’t here to live a miserable life where we go to work at a job we don’t enjoy…

Essentially hating 90% of our life just so we can work a job to pay the bills for the house, a car and furnishings that we leave at home every day. That is not why we’re here.

Every one of us has an amazing gift and talent that needs to be shared with the world. I’ve met and coached thousands of women all over the globe, and every single one of them had something unique and special to offer.

Imagine this for a second – I give you the week off work.

I pay for everything, I take the kids to school, feed your fur babies, look after your house, your mother or father, whoever is reliant on you or whatever your obligations are at the present moment.

You have the week off to do absolutely nothing EXCEPT whatever it is that you love to do.

What would you do?

If you’re not sure, that’s totally fine.

Most women don’t have the time, or at least, they don’t give themselves the time to ask this question, and therefore, never get the answer.

We all have a little whisper inside us, our intuition.

What I’ve found (and the thousands of women I’ve helped have found) is by simply taking the time, the whisper becomes a little bit louder.

Telling us what we should be doing with our lives.

“But Shar – what if my passion is something really simple”

One of my clients once told me she really enjoyed eating calamari. That was what she would spend the week doing.

And she asked me “Shar – how can I start living my passion, my “Y” when I

just enjoy eating calamari?”

So I helped her plan out a business where she could travel and talk about calamari encounters on a blog and get sponsorship from restaurants and travel companies.

It really can be that easy.

There is no restriction on turning your passions into your life.

Whenever I speak on stage I always reveal my three core principles to living an exciting, enthusiastic life.

Understanding these and implementing these is what delivers a life full of passion, abundance and excitement.

1. Find Your Purpose, Your “Y”

It all comes down to doing what you love.

If you love to serve, then build your life around that – once you get into that flow you will find that every door opens for you – it will be easy.

Many people don’t believe me when I say life is meant to be easy. Because it is.

And once you find your “Y”, your core passions, and where your genius lies, you can live without friction or struggle.

I picture life like flowing down a beautiful gentle stream.

But many women often find themselves paddling against the current, making life treacherous, difficult and stressful.

Let me ask you, have you ever have had moments in your life where you thought “wow, this is easy”?

That is when your are in life’s flow. Always look for the flow.

And if you simply take the time and examine what you were doing in that moment, and in the times surrounding that moment, that is where you find your “Y” and your “Genius Zone”.

Then all of a sudden you’re so much further ahead, and you look back thinking “Wow, how did I get here so fast!”

2) Align Your Purpose and Genius Zone with Other People

This second principle is so important – find other people on a similar path to yourself.

Once you have found your “Y” many women make the mistake of thinking “OK I am now going to do this all myself”

And my answer to that is… “Why!?”

It’s so much more fun and satisfying to share this journey with others.

You need to find a tribe of people who all have the same goal as they move forward in life together.

People who understand your “Y” and your mission. Who will back you 100%, support you through your journey, and celebrate every win with you.

This is why I created a Facebook group for those women going through my Purpose Finder program – so that a support network is already there waiting for them once they have completed the course and found their “Y” and Genius Zone.

3) Your Network is Your Net Worth

I’m a firm believer that your network = your net worth.

The more people you know, and who know what your passion and purpose is, the richer your life will become.

If you talk about something you are passionate about, then people are inclined to listen.

And the more passionate you are, the more people will listen and want to help you.

Having that big bold “Y” driving you will unlock the passion you need to capture the minds and hearts of those you come in contact with.

People will see your passion and excitement and want to help you. It’s infectious. They will find and refer others to you to help you in your journey.

Find Your “Y” and Unlock Your True Purpose.

My desire is for you to become filled with joy, enthusiasm, peace, self-love, and serenity because you are doing what you were put on this earth to do.

I want you to unlock your genius to create a life that is as beneficial for you as it is for your family, your friends, your community, and the world.

That’s why I’ve designed a very special process to reconnect with your true self and find your true purpose, so you can live the life you are destined to live.


I’ve designed this simple online course to empower you to:

Unlock your “Genius Zone” that is a physical reflection of your unique, dynamic energy…

Find out why you were really put on this earth and what your true purpose really is…

Discover what it feels like to make yourself a priority, doing what you want to do, not what others “expect” you to do…

Finally, learn how to make your dreams happen and start to live the life you want to live…

Reveal exactly who you are, what drives you, what your true purpose is… and what you were put on this Earth for…

Realise the unlimited potential inside you and the effervescent fountains of continual growth…

Learn how to connect with your true purpose and share your unique talents and gifts with the world making it much bigger, brighter and more effective…

Align your true purpose with your genius zone and watch your self-confidence soar…

Learn the simple way to change the direction of your life without getting the typical resistance from loved ones…

Realign your purpose and find your ‘Y’ to become more confident, and crystal clear on achieving your life’s purpose…

Unlock a life that makes you feel positive, energised, and confident…

Create an image that positions you for success in your own mind before you ever leave the house…

Embrace the beautiful, unique, powerful woman that you truly are!

And much, MUCH more!

And I can tell you from experience that when you embrace your ideal, most authentic image… your life dramatically changes for the better!

‘When you know your ‘Y’ – Your True Purpose – it’s like you’ve swallowed the sun!’

You beam from every part of your body.

You are filled with warmth and love and you shine this most amazing light on everything and everyone around you.

Just take a look at what exceptional women, just like you, have said about the Purpose Finder program:

I have been doing the Purpose Finder course for a few months now and have been surprised by the depth of understanding around my Why it has been able to draw out of me. As I launch my business At Full Strength where I teach people how to leverage their talents to achieve their goals, I’m grateful to be still be on the Purpose Finder journey.

To have a great structure within this course to help you reflect and understand what is deep within you is such a blessing. The Purpose Finder course starts at the most important part of any business or endeavour, and that is your Why. I’d encourage you to do this course you may be surprised at what it reveals to you! Linda Lenord


I had struggled for years to define my target market and bounced around without having any real direction in my marketing or message. I had undertaken numerous courses before to try to get the direction I was seeking, but every time I fell short of the mark. I couldn’t seem to get any traction and had little focus.

Enter the Purpose Finder course. It was just what I needed! The course took me to places other courses couldn’t. Purpose Finder had me digging deep into myself and my Y so I could gain clarity, direction and find my true purpose so that I could relay this in my marketing and messaging. It gave me the direction I was seeking. I now had the tools to create continual growth. What I particularly loved about the Purpose Finder course was the fact I could revisit and run through the steps time and time again, to get more and more clarity, and I could use it on any future developments or business frameworks.

I now have so much more confidence and I have gone from strength to strength. I couldn’t be happier with what I have achieved this past year. The understanding I now have around branding and marketing alone has completely changed my outlook and I am calling in opportunities I never thought possible before. Most importantly for me, I have connected with my purpose and can now share my unique gifts with this world in a much bigger, brighter and more effective way. Karen Stevens.

Make the best decision you will make all year, by clicking the GET STARTED button below and find your purpose in life today!

Here’s Exactly What You’ll Get When You Enrol in The Purpose Finder Today…

I’ve set up this course as six easy to follow videos and worksheets that provide you with the tools you need to unlock your own magnificent power.

I’ve laid it out in simple question and answer format allowing you to quickly understand exactly what your true purpose is.

Module 1 – Overview of your Y

Catch a glimpse of your genius zone and where your true purpose is hiding. Find the patterns in your life so far. Like the story Hansel & Gretel, our life leaves breadcrumbs for us to follow, but we are often so busy, we don’t stop to look for them. In this module we dig into our childhood and look for the clues to our purpose in life, hidden in our everyday learning and playing environment that we grew up in.

Module 2 – Look back to look forward

We will be reflecting on some amazing times in your life and again looking for the patterns. Learn how to be the detective in your own life, hold up a magnifying glass, looking for the finest of details that can link this whole puzzle together.

Module 3 – Pressure testing your answers

Often we feel the grass is greener on the other side until we jump the fence. Sometimes we want something more, just because we know we could never have it, but then if we do get it, it was not what we wanted at all. That’s why this module is all about how to find what you actually want for your life. Not chasing other peoples dreams, but creating our own unique dream life.

Module 4 – What is your “Genius Zone” and how to find it

People talk about a “genius zone” but most people don’t really know what that means. You’ll discover exactly what the genius zone is. Also, how to align your genius zone with your talent so you can effortlessly live out your true purpose. This is where the magic lies.

Module 5 – What are you worth?

As humans, we try and be humble and always play down our skills, attributes and knowledge, so we can appear to be no better than anyone around us. It’s the old “tall poppy” syndrome. If we shout from the rafters how good we are, people will think we are bragging and are arrogant and cut us down fast. But there’s a way to know just how much you are worth without being arrogant. It’s a fun process too!

Module 6 – Your true purpose in life and how to infuse it into your everyday life

This is where the proverbial “rubber meets the road” The final step is to bring everything together and discover your True Purpose, your ‘Y’ and actually learn how to live out your life’s purpose infusing it in your daily life.

And I’ve Got Even More in Store for YOU

I want to give you every resource possible so that you can reclaim your right as the strong, beautiful, amazing woman you really are.

That’s why, for a limited time, I’m including 10x “mini masterclasses” that address the common challenges and mindsets that hold women back.

Each video is 10-30 minutes long and will remove any roadblocks standing in your way of finding your Genius Zone and your Y.

Mini-Masterclass #1: How to Be SELFISH

You need to be selfish in order to be selfless. Putting yourself first is not selfish.

Mini-Masterclass #2: It’s Time to Step into YOU

Create the amazing life that you truly deserve. Learn how to be the best version of You.

Mini-Masterclass #3: Y now? Y u?

Learn to evaluate yourself by asking these questions, “Y now? Y me?”

Now is the perfect time and you are the right person.

Mini-Masterclass #4: And Or

Learn how to shift from an ‘or’ mindset to an ‘and’ mindset. Learn how to change your way of thinking by doing ‘and’ instead ‘or’.

Mini-Masterclass #5: Stop Searching for You

Learn how to practice to say something good about yourself.

Mini-Masterclass #6: Stop Being Scared to Live Your Life

To live a full life, you need to stop being so afraid. Fear is a hindrance to success.

Mini-Masterclass #7: I’ll Be Happy When

Be happy. You are what you attract. Be happy now to achieve your goals in life.

Mini-Masterclass #8: Press GO on you

Press Go on you, there are far better things ahead in your life. Press Go on you and believe your end result will reward every step of your climb.

Mini-Masterclass #9: How to harness this high energy

Learn how to focus on your intention setting and goals setting. See thoughts and words as actions .

Mini-Masterclass #10: FEAR and how it’s robbing you

Don’t let fear stop you from finding your Y. Learn how to overcome your fears and live your life.

“Okay, Shar… I’m Ready to Unlock My Genius Zone, And Find My True Purpose with the Purpose Finder But Just One Question…”

“What’s All This Going to Cost Me?”

It’s a fair question. And I’ll be upfront with you.

The total cost of the program, including all 6 life changing, empowering modules and every single one of the exclusive bonuses I described above, has sold in the past for $997.

(And the women who went through at that price were very happy.)

And up until recently, I’ve offered this program to my followers for $497.

Now, I realise that’s still quite a bit for many people, even though the transformative power of the Purpose Finder is worth much, much more than money alone.

So here’s what I’ve done: I’ve decided to give you access to all the modules with all the bonuses listed above for just AU$247.

I love hearing the wildly positive stories of people who have changed their lives with my system, and I’m willing to temporarily reduce the price to give more women access to the Purpose Finder.

Plus you’re protected by my ‘True Purpose’ guarantee:

Discover your ‘True Purpose’ Guarantee

If you go through the Purpose Finder and you don’t discover your True Purpose by the end of the course, if your life doesn’t radically change, or you don’t believe you can fulfil what you’ve discovered about yourself I’ll refund every cent. As long as you can show me you went through the course, I’ll happily give you your money back.

That makes this absolutely risk-free. I am 100% convinced that going through the Purpose Finder is going to permanently change your life. I’ve seen it happen with my own eyes. The magic of knowing what you were put on this earth for is powerful so I have absolutely no doubt it can happen for you too!

So what are you waiting for?

The only thing standing between you and your life’s purpose is the Purpose Finder.

So now it’s up to you.

You can, of course, continue down the same path you’re on right now, feeling dissatisfied with the way your life is, your career, suffering from disconnection and not quite sure of who you are anymore…

Or, you can unlock your genius zone with your true purpose with the Purpose Finder.

To discover exactly who you are, what drives you, what your true purpose is, what you were put on this earth for…

To discover what it feels like to make yourself a priority, doing what you want to do, not what others “expect” you to do…

… and finally, learn how to make your dreams happen and start to live true to your calling in life.

With my Discover Your ‘True Purpose’ Guarantee there’s absolutely no risk on your part.

So if you’ve read this far down the page, and you’re serious about finding why you were put on this earth, there’s really only one thing to do …

Scroll down and click the big green “Add to Cart” button below to get started today.

But you need to hurry.

I don’t know how much longer I can offer this trial price of the Purpose Finder for. In fact, it could end at any moment.

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The sooner you do, the sooner you’ll shine bright like the star you were born to be.



Shar Moore
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