How To Work With Shar Moore…Imagine What We Can Achieve Together

To apply to work with Shar, please fill out this “Expression of Interest” sheet.

For the past 15 years, Shar has been helping women to grow into the entrepreneurs they were destined to be, but were afraid to become.

She has helped her clients to develop their businesses into thriving success stories. Shar has helped them to have crystal clear clarity on their “Y” and how they can make a bigger impact in the world.

These women chose to work with Shar because of her depth of knowledge, wisdom and her practical solutions to even their largest problems. Her approachable and compassionate nature, mixed with her dogged determination ensure success for those clever enough to work with her.

Shar only works with clients online now, as she wants to make certain everyone gets the help they need and deserve and she can help people anywhere in the world.

Something wonderful happens when these women are invited into the inner circle, as lasting relationships are created as Shar’s clients all succeed in business together.

If you’re interested in working with Shar, the first step is to fill out this “Expression of Interest” sheet.

What Shar’s Clients Say:


A note from one of Shar’s clients…


Moana RobinsonMoana Robinson
Image Consultant & Personal Stylist: I want to thank Shar Moore for being my Mentor and business coach.  Having a Mentor is something that everyone can benefit from.  I am sure that even elite sportsmen and sportswomen,  leaders, well known public figures who are all successful in their own right have had or still have  a Mentor or Business Coach.  Even coaches and mentors have their own  also. I have found that someone in Shar Moore.  My conversations with Shar have been so helpful.  Shar I have always thought misses an “e” off the end of her name.  She is always so willing to SHARE her knowledge and experience.  It is so important that your mentor thinks along the same lines as you do and can see your goals and that you feel comfortable with them.  I have some exciting plans for 2014 – Watch this space!