WINNER Shar wins the Gold Stevie Award in New York

November 15, 2015

International Gold Stevie Award Winner Shar Moore

On November Friday 13th 2015, I won Gold at the recent International Stevie Awards for women, held at the Marriott Marquis Hotel in New York.

The awards are held to honour the work women do globally in the corporate and business space and celebrated at a stunning gala dinner.

So what ?

What does winning a Gold Stevie Award mean actually mean?

Well for me, it means that a few more people may get to know about the work I do and how I help women find their talents, monetise them and share them with the world. It means I can speak on a few more stages, hopefully my message will be heard by a couple more people, which means THEY will live life in the moment.

It’s not so much about the glitz & glam of the evening, although it was great to get dressed up, be in New York and attend the event with 400 incredible women from all over the world, it goes much deeper than that for me.

As a Gold winner, I was invited up on stage to speak and was able to invite everyone in the room to ask people when they meet someone for the 1st time, to ask them Y they do what they do, not WHAT.

If only 10% of the room actually do this, that is 40 more people striking a heartfelt conversation with someone new. This will create a ripple effect and my message will spread to more people.

That’s what is important… for me.

Don’t get me wrong, I am so grateful and honoured to be awarded with this new title and know that it will create more awareness for the purpose of my work. That is what excites me the most!

We only have now… we only have here. Live today as if it was your last, as one day it will be.

Until next time, remember to live your purpose – your Y,
Shar Moore

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Shar Moore YWoman

About Shar Moore:

Shar is an International Gold Stevie Award winning Entrepreneur, in the ‘Women Helping Women’ Category, a National Award Winning Business Mentor, International Best Selling Author, Keynote Inspirational (and very funny) Speaker, Serial Entrepreneur.

Having gone ‘Broke to BMW in 18 Months‘ after the Queensland Floods, opening her own brand of 5 star Spa in the desert of Abu Dhabi, Shar knows what it takes to think out of the box. Her purpose in life, her Y is to open an Orphanage in Thailand for underprivileged young girls and this will open in 2017. Author of Your Life Your Purpose and ‘From Broke to BMW in 18 months’ Shar is a sought after keynote speaker, who truly has ‘real deal appeal’.

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