Oprah Spoke To Me – Personally!

December 17, 2015

Oprah Spoke To Me – Personally!

The Brisbane Entertainment centre was overflowing with Oprah fans, yet she spoke to me personally.

Her message spoke directly to my soul. Her words caressed my body and embraced my energies. You see, she was sharing the same message I share, just with a few more years of experience.

Oprah is an amazing woman, so deeply connected to soul and purpose, that she oozes it from every cell in her body. I am sure if you ask anyone who saw her live, they would say the same thing… “Oprah spoke to me personally”.

I have had many people ask me to share my notes from the evening, so here they are.

Before I do that, I just want to say one thing – Oprah is just like ME and just like YOU. Please don’t read the below notes and put her on a pedestal so high that you can’t reach it.  YOU are an incredible human being, with so much potential. The only difference between Oprah and you, is that you don’t believe it truly yet.

That is all.

So, here are some powerful statements she made that resonated with me: (hopefully they will resonate with you as well)

  • Surrender the dream you hold, to the life that is waiting for you to claim
  • There is no true life, without a spiritual one
  • You are a spiritual self, having a human experience
  • Y are you here? You enter the world on purpose. Your real job is to figure out Y you’re here and then honour that
  • Honour your calling
  • I could just feel that my life was not going to be this way
  • My feeling bought me here tonight
  • There is an internal whisper we can all tune into
  • I pay attention to that voice.
  • I am OBEDIENT to that voice
  • Life is speaking to you through a whisper.
  • When something makes you go ‘that’s odd’ pay attention to that
  • Your purpose is not some grand plan or vision, it’s ordinary moments that make for an extraordinary life.
  • It’s what makes you feel most normal
  • Your legacy is every person you’ve met and the lives you’ve touched
  • It’s when they’ve felt, seen and heard you
  • The purpose you drive, IS your legacy
  • I’m constantly reaching to become the highest, truest expression of myself as a human being
  • Always reach for the higher ground
  • Use your personality. I do.
  • Luck is preparation meeting the moment of opportunity
  • I used to mimic Barbara Walters and then realised, I can be a better Oprah, than a pretend Barbara.
  • Everybody has a thread or flow guiding you to your purpose
  • Let no one keep you from your journey. No one!
  • Your promise of your life, is to great to ignore
  • Always pay attention to what makes you curious, what makes your juices flow
  • A common theme with all the famous people I’ve interviewed is:
  • Do you see me?
  • Did you hear me?
  • Did that mean anything to you?
  • Proves that we ALL need validation. Review the last fight you had, essentially that is the underlying point
  • Be responsible for the energy you are putting out. As you are getting that back.
  • Be conscious of the intention. Be clear on everything. Build your life around intention.
  • Intention determines the outcome.
  • NO is a complete sentence
  • You become what you believe
  • I never had a failure I didn’t benefit from
  • Make mistakes that matter
  • When struggling, go inside not out. Don’t ask others. Check in with the real source. Only you have the answer for you
  • Struggling to find your compass? Surrender. That does not mean give up
  • Let go of your attachment to the outcome
  • The instant you get the lesson and understand it, let it go. It’s called detachment
  • Start a daily gratitude journal – write 5 things every night that you are grateful for. Then do it everyday for 30 days.
  • Honour your calling – aka, your Y!


Hey everyone, Shar again.

So as you can see, she spoke directly to my soul. I know I took these notes on behalf of many of you and I would encourage you to print them out and keep reading them and feel the words. Write them in your diaries or journals, as there is a lot of power in the action of writing.

I know you will appreciate the time it took to do this for everyone, so would you leave me a comment on which one spoke to you the most please?

Please share this with your friends. Humanity needs more teachers like this, empowering us to be all we can be. I am one of them and my time has come to step onto the stages like Oprah and speak directly to you and the others waiting to hear my message.

Thanks for reading. Namaste,

Shar Moore


About Shar Moore:

Shar is an International Gold Stevie Award winning Entrepreneur, in the ‘Women Helping Women’ Category, a National Award Winning Business Mentor, International Best Selling Author, Keynote Inspirational (and very funny) Speaker, Serial Entrepreneur.

Having gone ‘Broke to BMW in 18 Months‘ after the Queensland Floods, opening her own brand of 5 star Spa in the desert of Abu Dhabi, Shar knows what it takes to think out of the box. Her purpose in life, her Y is to open an Orphanage in Thailand for underprivileged young girls and this will open in 2017. Author of Your Life Your Purpose and ‘From Broke to BMW in 18 months’ Shar is a sought after keynote speaker, who truly has ‘real deal appeal’.

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