The Hub

Congratulations My Friend 🤩

You’ve taken the first step in becoming a 💥Client Attraction Magnet💥,
generating 100k from your inbox and helping your clients with your service.

So What Is The Hub?

Great question!

I created this program in 2019, after mentoring hundreds of women since early 2010 and helping them gain clarity around their true purpose in life and become Client Attraction Magnets! I realised that if I really wanted to help more women in business, I needed to shift to an online model, so I could work with more women. So I did and that’s when ‘The Hub’ was born. But honestly what ‘The Hub’ really is, is a community of savvy female entrepreneurs, who are driven by something way bigger than themselves, bigger than their fears and bigger than their imposter syndrome.  They have a burning desire to serve their clients and will do anything to make that happen. They just lack the confidence, accountability and strategy to do so. Until now…

Who Is The Hub For?

It’s for women in the service based industry that have tried using social media to gain new clients and received crickets in return.

They’ve posted, tweeted, shared their story, used GIF’s, videos, coloured posts and nothing is working! Aaaaghhh….

They see others nailing it and can’t understand Y their marketing isn’t working. They are stumbling around in the dark, with no one to ask, no one to learn from and no one to hold them accountable. Clearly they can’t ask on social media, as then their potential clients will know that they don’t have all the answers! The self doubt of ‘maybe I’m not good enough’, or ‘maybe my service is too expensive’ have started to creep in. They have worked with other mentors and whilst they don’t regret that, they just feel that now they need some #hublove. They need a tribe of women and a Mentor who has been there, done it and got the t-shirt (actually a cupboard full of them). They want the EXACT strategies that have been proven to work and they want them now.

Who Is The Hub NOT For?

Someone who is looking for the illusive magic pill or who wants to make 100k by Friday! Or the woman who is going to bag out the other mentors or programs they have been in, as I probably know them and that is never cool ok hun? I know that’s not you, as you wouldn’t have made it this far onto my page if it was. It’s also not for someone who is not willing to roll their sleeves up and do the work. To keep tweaking and dialling in until we get it right. It’s also not for the women who plans on joining at this super ridiculously low monthly fee (my monthly fee to work with me used to be $3,500 so this is a real bargain), to get everything they can in a month or two and ditch and run! Nope… it’s certainly not for you. This takes time and I’m looking forward to working with you for at least 6-12 months to nail it!

So Who Am I?

Well apart from being a woman just like you, but maybe a couple of steps behind or in front of you, I’ve also achieved some great results (after many attempts I might add!). I’ve gone Broke to BMW after the Qld floods, taken a digital magazine to print with National success, launched an online membership and generated over 100k in less than 2 months and created a very successful group of businesses helping women become the best versions of themselves. All from a girl who barely finished Year 11 and was engaged at the age of 11. Yep, if I can, you can too.

For the more official Bio, feel free to poke around HERE .

Read Y Naomi Radke from O-MeTime joined The Hub:

Y I joined is because I know that I am missing an ingredient in getting leads and I’ve watched Shar be everywhere on Facebook and wanted to learn her launch formula. I love the interaction so I don’t feel alone. I love how Shar actions what she’s teaches.

Read another clients results:

Wow, I just used the 30:30:60 method Shar taught us and signed two clients at $5k each! D.S.

Read Y Leanne Vandeligt of Uplift Health Fitness joined The Hub recently:

I have been following Shar’s work and the YMag community for a while, loved her story, watching her help amazing women, some I knew, whom were what I considered leaders and high level coaches. So when Shar offered strategy business calls, giving her genuine support and value, I decided and I felt drawn to speak with her. I felt I needed to invest and commit to something next level for me, like Shar’s community and energy, to help me step up, lift my profile, confidence and elevate my mindset. So grateful for having the chance to be part of her community and learn from Shar and her hub ladies.

Moana Robinson, Image Consultant & Personal Stylist thanks Shar for her Mentoring program:
I want to thank Shar Moore for being my Mentor and business coach.  Having a Mentor is something that everyone can benefit from.  I am sure that even elite sportsmen and sportswomen,  leaders, well known public figures who are all successful in their own right have had or still have  a Mentor or Business Coach.  Even coaches and mentors have their own  also. I have found that someone in Shar Moore.  My conversations with Shar have been so helpful.  Shar I have always thought misses an “e” off the end of her name.  She is always so willing to SHARE her knowledge and experience.  It is so important that your mentor thinks along the same lines as you do and can see your goals and that you feel comfortable with them.  I have some exciting plans for the future – Watch this space!

What Do I Get In The Hub?

Another great question girlfriend, you’re on fire!

As a Hub Member, you will have access to all of the items listed below for as long as you are a Hub member. We know that you will love the community so much that you will want to stay, but at anytime you feel you have reached your goals and want to move on, that’s when your access will stop.

So, strap in and I’ll run through everything that you get inside the The Hub:

  • Access to the entire Client Attraction Program
    • 8 week YFormula course released weekly covering the 4 key pillars to business success. (The Y, the Who, the What and the How)
  • Access to the recorded Training Calls
    • Access to training calls filled with tons of relevant and proven strategies for you to listen to immediately
  • Access to The Hub Facebook Group
    • Immediate access to The Hub for our members only
    • You can ask questions anytime, share your wins, share your lows, gain support and tons of #hublove
    • Be part of the Q&A’s with Shar or her team where your questions will be answered live on the call
  • BONUS: Free access to the Purpose Finder Course
    • Valued at $997!

What Does It Cost To Be In The Hub?

Access into The Hub is priceless! But seriously, it is. How do you put a price on support, guidance, having your questions answered, step by step proven strategies to have clients falling at your feet every time you post? Previously to work with me, my monthly mentoring fee was $3,500. That was when I was running my mentoring business full time and before I took my digital magazine YMag® to print… aaaahh those were the days. But actually, these are the better days, as now my Mag is the leading Women’s Empowerment Magazine in Australia (slight bragging moment if I may), I now have time to work with more women in Business like you. So these are definitely the better days. And because of this, I can now make my program affordable for everyone. ✅ #winning

Your monthly investment is only AUS$447+GST. Yep, that’s it. I didn’t forget the zero, it’s just A$447+! 

No contracts, no lock in agreements, just pay as you go until you don’t love me anymore and then you can exit stage right. Some of my clients have worked with me for years and years and they keep coming back, so I have to warn you, I am slightly contagious. Some of my clients call me the Hotel SHARlafornia… you can check in but you can never leave 😋.

I’m In Shar, What Do I Do Now? ✅✅✅

Well, that’s simple. Just click the button below and the magical unicorns in the back end will take you to a very special place where you can become a member of ‘The Hub’ where there is a ton of #hublove waiting to welcome you 🥳🥳🥳.

You’ve made a great decision to join The Hub gorgeous and I look forward to working with you personally and helping you become a Client Attraction Magnet.

Well done and I’ll see you in The Hub!

Shar x