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From the trauma of divorce and heartbreak, the emotional rollercoaster of IVF and chronic anxiety to childhood stress, illness, and depression, this is a book about women empowering women. When life sends us challenges, it takes a strong woman to stand up, face them head on and reclaim her power. The amazing women portrayed in this collection achieved this by asking themselves one simple question. YNot?

“Shar Moore’s Empowering Stories by Female Leaders who said YNot is one of the first books I have read that brings so many phenomenal women together in one book. It takes courage to say YNot and each one of these women has shown up, embraced opportunities and overcome challenges to arrive at an impressive destination, each different yet equally as significant. This book will inspire, educate and show readers that there is always an opportunity to embrace the joy of life when you live passionately through your purpose. Their heart-centred approach to business is a testament of each of their success stories.I highly recommend that you take the time to get to know each of the women featured in Empowering Stories by Female Leaders who said “YNot, they have come so far, and you can learn so much from each of them.”
– Amanda Gore, Award winning speaker and best-selling author

Shar Moore

For those who feel that their own hopes and dreams have been laid waste so others live theirs, this book is for you and only you. Read it, digest it, live it.

Susan Banhegyi

It is only now, with hindsight, that she can see how the peculiar mix of twists and turns of her life choices have prepared her to be right here, at this time, to meet these new and evolving challenges. And YNot?

Lara Zelenka

She said to herself, YNot? Lara no longer wants to dance around the peripheries of other people’s successes on social media posts, wanting to be part of their journeys and or their successes. It is time to have a try at her own dream of inspiring women not to be crippled by fear of failure or fear of success.

Elena Gosse

Elena knew she needed to show love and respect for herself to be loved and respected by others. She could not be an effective leader, businesswoman, friend, wife, mother, and grandmother without prioritizing her own health and well being.

Karen McDermott

Award-winning publisher, author and advanced Law of Attraction practitioner, Karen McDermott, is a sought-after speaker who shares her knowledge and wisdom on building publishing empires, establishing yourself as a successful author-publisher and book writing. Having built a highly successful publishing business from scratch, signing major authors, writing over 30 books and establishing her own credible brand in the market, Karen has developed strategies and techniques based on tapping into the power of knowing to create your dreams. Karen is a gifted teacher who inspires others to make magic happen in their lives through utilising her power of knowing strategies. She mentors multiple new authors through her Everything Publishing Academy. After working with Karen, you’ll walk away with essential tools and know-how to write and sell your book, get published or build your own successful publishing business, all in your own way.

Michelle Scheibner

Personal branding allows you to self-manage your life without having to depend on others, because it communicates how you are different and special. You stand out thus affording yourself opportunities to grow and flourish.

Min Melgar

Helping women who have or are experiencing chronic stress and burnout, holistically revision and rebuild their health, wellbeing and spirit.

Moana is on a mission. She uses her skills to take her clients on a journey to help them discover their perfect color palette, clothing style and wardrobe elements to make the statement right for them. She believes being the best you can be means including what goes on inside the heart and mind too.

Michele Jones

I am committed to guiding you to keep moving forward in life, towards your very best life, because no matter who you are, I believe you all deserve to live your best life. I have committed my lifetime to it; it is my burning passion and purpose and what I believe I was sent here to do. We all deserve to Live Our Best Life, every single one of us.

Kylie Chapman

“It’s never too late to make changes to the story you tell yourself.”

Kate Witteveen

Kate combines the science and art of being one’s best to empower her clients to dare to dream big and achieve excellence in their lives.

Karlie Scharfenberg

Monetary value is worthless if you haven’t helped someone or achieved something you set out to achieve.

Juanita Smith

We are all walking around on programming! How we react to things, our morals, our values… are all a result of our past experiences and memories. Hypnosis can uplift stuff that has been dormant for a longtime, release it, heal it, and change that programming to something more desired. It’s a shortcut to change.

Robyn Ratcliff

I will work with you, encourage you, motivate you and kick your butt if I need to, so that you can be all that you want to be. If not now… when? Ynot? You have nothing to lose except the results that you don’t want.

Cathy Feenan

Coaching, and learning how to master her mindset over these past twenty years, learning to love herself again and KNOWING she was worthy of success has utterly transformed Cathy’s life. Today, she feels thankful and blessed. She lives with time flexibility. She works with inspiration when she chooses. Cathy enjoys her passion of philanthropy.

Catherine Wood

My dream is to show that there is another world, one that makes so much sense. One that takes out the suffering and confusion and one that shows you how to heal yourself from the inside out and not rely on someone else to heal you.

Aldwyn Altuney

She discovered the power of the media to affect change in the community. Aldwyn relished the opportunity to share her voice on what she felt were injustices in the world and ways to help make it a better place. She wrote strong stories that made statements against duck shooting, battery farming of chickens, female circumcision and about the environment.

Ronnie Benbow

Seeing them transform in just three days is inspirational for all the team and life changing for the carers. To see the positive outcomes of their programs is all Ronnie needs to maintain her inspiration.

Tanya Southey

Tanya needed a project to keep her connected to words and to the thoughts that were spinning through her head. She’d recently left the corporate world and needed some discipline in her new world. Streetwise was born

Susannah Pask


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