You’re Not Charging Enough For Your Services Are You?

July 15, 2016

You’re not charging enough for your services are you? Most service based entrepreneurs that work from the heart and share their genius zone, undervalue themselves and therefore don’t charge enough!

Don’t worry, you are certainly not alone. I’ve come across some globally incredibly talented business owners, who have held senior executive corporate positions and have now gone out on their own and charge $80 an hour! Yep, you heard that right… $80 an hour.

I must say, when I do a discovery call with them, I get quite angry. Not because I’m angry at them, I’m angry at the fact that they are giving themselves away and when we don’t value our gifts, neither does our client.

So, I put a lot of thought into how I could help them and control my anger and put together a Quiz that they could take quietly over a glass of bubbles and see for themselves, what they are actually worth. I’ve had incredible feedback from my friends on social media, so I thought I would pop this on my site as well and you can take the quiz too!

CLICK HERE to download the quiz and all I ask is, you shoot me a quick email and let me know if the amount staring back at you on the page stunned you and what you are going to do about it.

Of course, if you need help, then CLICK HERE and let’s book in a time to chat, obligation free of course. I just want to help you believe in yourself more and charge what you are worth, so you can attract the clients that truly deserve you and they will benefit immensely in the long run.

Oh and you will then have a Business not a hobby… when you start charging enough for your services that is!

I can’t wait to hear from you – all the best and happy quiz time!

Shar xx

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