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YW006 YWoman Podcast Show – Our Guest Natasha Zuvela

January 25, 2016

Our guest this week is the Founder of Shine On Camera, Natasha Zuvela – wait till you hear her journey!

TOPIC: The One About How To Shine On Camera

Natasha Zuvela has over 15 years of professional TV presenting experience with billion dollar brands such as Virgin Money, MTV, Bonds and many more. She certainly knows how to help people SHINE on camera. But her story is not all rosy and wonderful, she’s overcome some incredible odds which she shares candidly in this interview.

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • Why your Y has to be the core of what you do
  • How you become no longer afraid
  • What road blocks she faced and how she overcame them
  • How she overcame sexual abuse and the struggles that came afterwards

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To connect with Natasha directly and learn more about her work – CLICK HERE

Look forward to sharing the next episode of the YWoman Podcast Show with you next week.

Until then, remember to find your Purpose In Life, you must connect with the things that make you truly happy.

Shar Moore

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