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YW010: YWoman Podcast Show – Our Guest Pauline Longdon

February 22, 2016

Our guest this week is Pauline Longdon – an Author, Professional Copywriter and Marketer who recently became an International Award Winning Copywriter!

TOPIC: The One About The “Me Too” Business Owner Who Lost Their Voice

Pauline has been trained by the who’s who of copywriting and marketing world and is in high demand for her ability to write conscious and connecting copy for the female market. Pauline is passionate about helping business owners transform their heartfelt and mindful messages into money making marketing messages.

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • What she means about the “Me Too” business owner who lost their voice
  • What it means to truly be alive
  • The myths around business success
  • Her advise to Rani Pataks about her problem with the neighbours chickens!

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To connect with Pauline directly and learn more about her work – CLICK HERE

Look forward to sharing the next episode of the YWoman Podcast Show with you next week.

Until then, remember to find your Purpose In Life, you must connect with the things that make you truly happy.

Shar Moore

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About The YWoman Podcast Show:

 The YWoman Podcast Show is a new, dynamic way for you to get the life success tips from industry leaders who have “Been there, done that” and are walking their walk! We know you’re busy, so it’s a fluff and puff free zone so you get what you need to succeed… quickly so you can implement it right away!

Sometimes in life you need to stop and smell the vindaloo! The YWoman Podcast Show will certainly spice up your life, especially when you meet Rani Pataks! Get ready to laugh as you learn more about business and living your best life.

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