Podcast Show

The YWoman Podcast Show

December 18, 2015

YWoman Podcast Show

Welcome to the YWoman Podcast Show!

With guests, conversations and secrets hotter than a vindaloo curry… Our show will have you wanting more!

WARNING: Women with weak bladders should not listen to the weekly YWoman Podcast Show!

Finally, there’s a community of world changing entrepreneurs who are making a real difference but there is one amazing person we don’t have yet… YOU!
Come and listen to what other women are raving about.

This is not just another Podcast. When you have a “Y” this big… you can’t be the same as everyone else! Come and listen in to Shar Moore (The YWoman) as she grills the leaders in their industry to see what makes them so successful. Come for the information… stay for the fun, because life doesn’t have the be so serious!

Isn’t it time you started to live your best life? Our show gives you real world tips and tricks from industry leaders. Listen in as Shar and Rani get the best of the best to give up their closely guarded success secrets, so you can finally live the life you desire and deserve!

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