Step Up And Take Action – the YWoman Shares All…

December 15, 2015

YWoman Shar Moore Shares All.


My whole life, I have operated from a place of worrying about others so much, that I continually put myself down and last. My indian upbringing had many rules and constraints and I was groomed to believe that my voice and opinions were worthless.

My passion as you know is to help everyone be all they can be, by finding their purpose and crafting a business from their passion to share with the world. I have done that as well, however still on tippy toes.

Still wondering if I was truly ‘allowed’ to be all I can be, if that was ok being an indian girl and all.

Still wondering if my light COULD shine brighter than a boys light.

For those who want ‘IN’ now is the time to show up in my life.

For those that want ‘out’, or think my orphanage is just a plea to get fans and sympathy for my childhood, delete me, remove my number and step back. Your opinions of me and my purpose are no longer required. Goodbye.


Here is my declaration, made publicly for all to see, AS I AM NO LONGER SCARED TO SAY IT…

* I will be on a stage like Oprah one day, but my name is the YWoman, with an auditorium of people all there to see ME and hear my story and be inspired by the way I live my life and the charities I am involved in and that they can be their true self too

* I will hug people when I meet them and look into their soul, as I truly DO see people in all their glory and have been scared to tell them what I see. Scared they may think I’m weird. I have a gift and I will now share it. I am not scared anymore

* I will always continue to put my family, friends and clients ahead of everyone!!

* I will continue to help people for free, who can’t afford my services or programs and truly need them

* I will no longer be scared that by me playing my big game, that the big bad wolf is coming to get me, because he’s not

* I am an indian girl who is here to make global changes to humanity, to inspire all I meet to be all they can be and to know Y they are here

* There are global stages who are ready to welcome me to share this message with their audience. I am ready for you NOW

Read this, take it on board or delete it – it’s your choice.

With my man beside me, my family unit, best girlfriends and wonderful clients, I WILL be all I am destined to be from now on.

Thanks to my healer and family and friends for helping me see who I am and now can become!

Shar, YWoman

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